For the past 10 years or so, sublimation has been a constant in my life. It’s one of my favorite hobbies, on the same pedestal as gardening, cooking, and sewing. While gardening and cooking are more about the practical side of things, about taking care of myself and my family, sublimation it’s about nurturing my creative side.

I have always loved photography and editing my images. And that’s how I stumbled upon sublimation.

When I was quite young, I suddenly uncovered a new creative world. Personalizing objects was never something that I thought I would get passionate about but I loved the whole process.

I absolutely loved learning about converting inkjet printers to sublimation because I love the technical side of things, as well. Searching for various printers to convert to sublimation became a passion almost as great as actually creating the designs, printing them on sublimation paper with amazing sublimation inks, and heat transferring them onto my substrates.

Of course, transferring on polyester materials, personalizing T-shirts, is the most popular use for sublimation.

If you’re starting up a business, your focus will be on personalizing T-shirts with sublimation. I hope my expertise will be of help for those who want to turn sublimation into a business.

I truly want to share everything that I have learned throughout these many years with the whole world. And I love writing and talking about printers, sublimation paper, sublimation inks, and the various substrates we can sublimate on. I love experimenting with hard substrates, like glass sheets, various acrylic objects that are ready for sublimation, leather, metal tumblers, and the list can go on.

While inkjet heat transfer is great for beginners because we can use a regular printer with regular inkjet ink and print on heat transfer paper and then use a regular iron to transfer the design onto T-shirts, sublimation is the one that guarantees that design will last for years. Even when we wash our T-shirts hundreds of times.

When we sublimate, the ink and the design becomes part of the fabric and that’s why polyester T-shirts are the best to sublimate on. Cotton won’t work because sublimation inks don’t adhere to natural fabrics.
Therefore, I hope this website will last as long as my designs on T-shirts last. Let’s hope it’s as long-lasting as sublimation designs are!