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Best Sublimation Paper (Buying Guide)

Looking for the best sublimation paper for our projects is crucial. We use sublimation paper exclusively because it has unique coatings to aid in the printing process. We will obtain excellent image quality and brilliant finishing.

No matter which material/substrate we want to sublimate on, using a high quality paper will ensure the success of our projects.

Choosing the best sublimation paper is just as important as using a good sublimation printer, a very good heat press, and the right sublimation inks.

All these components are absolutely crucial for any sublimation projector, whether we’re transferring our designs on T-shirts, on mugs, on acrylic sheets, on glass objects, etc.

Of course, one of the most important features we should check out is the size of the paper.

Some of us are using printers with an 8.5 x 11 inch or 8.5 x 14 inch max print size. In that case we must buy 8.5×11 or 8.5 x 14 inch paper. This size is absolutely the most popular and it works for a wide variety of objects from t-shirts to mugs to ceramic tiles to keychains to wooden objects, etc.

Of course, if you print smaller images, then I recommend printing as many as you can on the same paper and then cutting it up to transfer it in the heat press. That works for smaller objects like fridge magnets, keychains, earrings, etc.

A smaller number of people will need paper to match their 13 x 19 sublimation printer. These are great if we want to do larger sized t-shirts full front or back. Of course, they can also be used for printing designs for a lot of smaller objects on the same sheet of paper. The bigger sizes are not as popular but they have immense advantages.

Best Sublimation Paper Reviews

Identifying which is sublimation paper and which isn’t, it’s very easy because this attribute is identified on the packaging in very big letters.

The packaging will also contain other useful info. For example, some will mention that they are especially designed for Ricoh, Sawgrass, Epson.

And they might also mention which materials they work best for, like all kinds of polyester materials, mugs, mouse pad, metal plates, etc.

Thus, if you read the description, you’ll be able to figure out if that type of paper is what you’re looking for for your projects and equipment and the type of ink you’re using.

I’m saying that because I don’t want people to confuse sublimation paper with heat transfer paper or iron-on heat transfer paper.

Sublimation and heat transfer might have some similarities but they also have extreme differences.

I absolutely prefer sublimation because it’s the long-lasting craft of the two since the designs become a part of the fabric rather than adding a layer on top. If you want to know more about heat transfer, check out my reviews for the best sublimation printer for heat transfer but definitely stick to sublimation.

And since we’re definitely sticking to this creative activity, let’s check out my top options for the best sublimation paper.

1. A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 125g: Overall the Best Sublimation Paper

There’s really no doubt about it. Not only is the A-Sub Sublimation Paper one of the most popular and one of the highest rated among all other options, it’s also my top favorite.

However, there are also a few negative reviews that you should check out. As far as I can tell, the buyers who didn’t have a successful experience when using the A-Sub, might actually have gotten a bad batch.

I still consider it to be one of the best. A top choice for the best sublimation paper if you’re looking to make successful projects in a variety of sizes.


The amazing thing is that we get multiple sizes to choose from:

  • 8.5 x 11 inch – this is among the most popular options and it’s also the most affordable among the 4 sizes we can choose from
  • 8.5 x 14 inch – there are quite a few printers that have this max print size
  • 11 x 17 inch – the Sawgrass SG1000 has a 11 x 17 inch max print size
  • 13 x 19 inch – these are much bigger than the 8.5 x 11 inch and they’re also about twice as expensive but they’re worth it for big prints


On the packaging, we’ll find a few useful info.

First, there’s the size.

The 8.5 x 11 inch is among the most popular among many crafters because most of us use 8.5 sublimation printers or Epson inkjet printers converted to sublimation.

Next, we have the 8.5 x 14 inches size, which is almost as popular. And then the 11 x 17 inch, which you’ll be interested in if you own the Sawgrass SG1000 for example.

Last but not least, the 13 x 19 size is the most expensive option but it’s a must have for those with wide-format printers.

Indeed, the A-Sub Sublimation Paper even has writing on packaging that is especially designed for Ricoh, Sawgrass, and Epson desktop printers.

These are 3 of the most famous brands for printers for sublimation. All three sell dedicated dye-sublimation printers. But Epson is in particular the most popular among the three because we can actually buy Epson piezo inkjet printers and convert them to sublimation by buying sublimation ink for that specific model.

Thus, this paper works for all these types of printers that are used for sublimation.

Furthermore, this A-Sub has all the qualities we might be looking for.

It is extremely fast drying, providing exceptional quality consistency.

We will get excellent line sharpness and outstanding lay-flat performance.

With this paper, we will transfer designs in the heat press quickly and without any mishaps.

Paper weight

You’ll also come across a number: 125 g. That means that this paper is thick and of the highest quality.

In general, we should choose sublimation paper weighted between 90 to 120 g but A-Sub goes above and provides a 125 g paper.

Of course, we can use lighter sublimation paper if we are only transferring minor designs to smaller items. This guide from is perfect if you want to know more on the matter.

Materials to sublimate on

A-Sub mentions that it’s perfect for transfer on all kinds of polyester materials.

Both soft and hard substrates.

For T-shirts, they should have less than 30% cotton for perfect transfer.

It can also be used to sublimate onto mugs, mouse pads, handy covers, metal plates, phone cases, etc. And, I would add, on any object that comes with a sublimation coating. Or has been given a poly coating from us.

It’s versatile, that’s for sure.

Another thing that I love is that A-Sub offers a guide on transfer instructions.

We get temperature, time, and pressure for a variety of substrates.

For example, for textile applications, we get: 401 F temperature, 25-40 sec time, and medium pressure.

We receive transfer instructions for the following substrates: metal plates, fiberglass, ceramic mugs, ceramic tiles, plaques, hard boards, glass, mouse pads, and textile applications.

Of course, when we buy substrates designed specifically for sublimation, most of the time those two will come with their own set of instructions for time, temp, and pressure.


We get 110 sheets of high-quality sublimation paper for a price under $30. That’s pretty good.

While it’s not the cheapest 8.5 x 11 inch paper to buy, it’s also not that expensive, either.

Prices are usually in this range, although some other brands will offer a higher number of sheets, like 150, of 8.5 x 11 for maybe half the price.

However, you will also notice that most of those cheaper options are thin sublimation paper, weighing 105 g usually.

Some people might benefit from using thin sublimation paper for certain projects. Thin doesn’t mean that it’s not high quality. It just means that it’s usually best used for transferring minor designs onto smaller items.

The A-Sub Sublimation Paper is a thick paper that will work wonderfully for projects that involve high color saturation.

Thus, you already know that for t-shirts or intricate designs that require a large volume of ink, you’re better off placing your bets on thick paper.

Of course, the most expensive option is the 13 x 19 inch paper, with a price under $50. It’s certainly not cheap but it is a must-have for bigger prints.

All in all, the A-Sub Sublimation Paper is a top pick as the best sublimation paper because we get high quality for an amazing price and color vibrancy is spot-on every time.

2. A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 105g

As you can see, my second recommendation is also from A-Sub. What can I say, I really like this brand a lot. And I’m certainly not the only one.

However, this thinner option is certainly not as popular as the thicker version of the same size.

That’s because most crafters will most of the times prefer using a thicker sublimation paper. It’s better for projects that require high color saturation. We need a thick paper so that the ink doesn’t bleed through lighter papers.

Still, if what you want to do is minor designs on smaller items, then you could definitely pick the A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 105g as the best sublimation paper for your designs and projects.

Materials to sublimate on

Buyers certainly love it a lot. There are a few negative reviews to check out. But I still consider it my second favorite pick. My first pick remains the thicker version from the same manufacturer.

Still, this one is wonderful and it certainly deserves to be experimented on.

For example, there is a user review that mentions that they’ve experimented with many different sublimation papers with disappointing results. That was until they came across this one and it was deemed perfect for personalizing tumblers.

It works for tumblers, mugs, and any other smaller object that has a sublimating coating.

But many people also use the A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 105g for t-shirts and it works so well.

Even if it’s a thinner paper, it absolutely works on t-shirts perfectly.

Thus, it can be just as versatile as the thicker options.

If you have the budget, buy the A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 125g and the A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 105g and use them both alternatively. That would represent the perfect package and it’s my favorite recommendation for picking the best sublimation paper.

We also get a transfer guide with info for temperature, time, and pressure for the following substrates: fiberglass, ceramic mugs, ceramic tiles, plaques, hard boards, glass, mouse pads, and textile applications.


A small difference between the two papers of different weights is the fact that the thinner option, the 105 gsm one, only comes in 3 sizes.

A-Sub still manages to cover the 3 most popular sizes that people choose to print on, depending on what the tray for their printer allows:

  • 8.5 x 11 inch
  • 11 x 17 inch
  • 13 x 19 inch


For a slightly more affordable price than the A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 125g, we actually get 150 sheets instead of 110 sheets.

Besides their difference in weight, the number of sheets we get for a price lower by a few dollars is 150 instead of 110.

In fact, thinner sublimation papers usually come in packages of 150 sheets. And they’re just a bit cheaper.

It also works with dedicated sublimation printers as well as converted inkjet Epson printers to sublimation.

The only requirement is that we use sublimation inks. And a heat press for transfer. These are essential. Just as essential is butcher paper and heat resistant tape.

It promises exceptional quality consistency, excellent line sharpness, fast drying, and superb and quick transfer properties.

3. A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 120g

I am quite aware that this post looking for the best sublimation paper is turning into an article dedicated to A-Sub. Frankly, that’s not my fault.

What can I do if their products are just so good? And so popular? And so highly rated? Isn’t that what we’re always looking for, no matter what we need to buy?

A-Sub certainly offers high quality.

As you can see, I have chosen these three products from them.

The A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 120g is highly similar to the A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 125g.

We even get the same number of sheets in a package, 110 sheets. The only thing that differs between them is their respective paper weight.

However, between 125g and 120g, there really isn’t that much difference.

Of course, if I am to choose, I prefer the 125g option.

However, there’s one aspect that represents a slight difference between the two papers of only slightly different weights.

The A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 120g can be a bit cheaper but not that much. A couple of dollars in prices is not that much of a difference.

I guess, we could say that we would definitely prefer buying the A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 120g if the 125g product wasn’t available.

We also get to choose from the same 4 sizes: 8.5 x 11 inch, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17 inch, and 13 x 19 inch.

And we get the same materials that it works on and the same high quality.

Well, the A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 120g has a slightly higher share of negative reviews. So make sure to check those out before making your purchase.

All in all, I prefer the A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 125g, that’s my first choice.

4. A-Sub Sublimation Paper Eco, 125g

Since we already reviewed 3 A-Sub products, what does one more count? I hope I didn’t already lose you by only recommending products from one single brand one after another but I really like them, that’s my excuse.

This last one from A-Sub has the name Eco.

And it has the same paper weight as my top recommendation.

The Eco designation stands for economic. It is created to be extremely cost-effective.

And it is. For about the same price as non-Eco 125g, the one I reviewed first, with the A-Sub Sublimation Paper Eco, 125g we get 200 sheets instead of 110 sheets.

That’s definitely a difference. So if you want a cheaper cost per sheet, this package of 200 sheets is quite a tempting option.

Unfortunately, we only get 2 sizes for this Eco series: 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14.

Only a few buyers have become aware of this Eco series but those who have tried it have been impressed with the ease of use, quality, and color vibrancy.

The A-Sub Sublimation Paper Eco, 125g is a cheaper paper. But it absolutely deserves to be recommended as a top pick for the best sublimation paper.

5. HTVRont Sublimation Paper

This is absolutely not as popular as the products from A-Sub.

However, I figured it would only be fair if I offered people an alternative to the products that A-Sub offers.

For example, if you have had a bad experience with other brands and you don’t know what else to buy, then maybe you’d be interested in trying out the HTVRont Sublimation Paper and picking this one as the best sublimation paper for you.

I should also mention that HTVRont makes some of my favorite sublimation vinyl and some of my favorite heat presses in a variety of sizes.


I like that there are three sizes available:

  • 8.5 x 11 inch
  • 8.5 x 14 inch
  • 11 x 17 inch

However, as you can see, there is no 13 x 19 inch option from this brand. Still, it’s not a complete loss because some people only use the smaller sizes to print on.


Another thing we should mention is that the HTVRont Sublimation Paper offers quite an attractive deal.

It’s in the same price range as the A-Sub Sublimation Paper, 125g. However, the difference is that we get a package of 200 sheets.

Thus, we get the same deal as the A-Sub Sublimation Paper Eco, 125g offers.

I just have to mention that there’s a user review from someone who has tried this HTVRont instead of their usual A-Sub paper and they were not impressed.


Even though the price is affordable and we get 200 sheets in a package, these are thick sublimation papers. They’re 125g so that’s great.

We can expect a lot of versatility from them.

We can also expect vibrant colors and amazing experiences during heat transfer. There are no worries there, as far as I’m concerned.

HTVRont informs us that the finished images should be perfectly decorated with vivid colors and excellent printing details. This sublimation paper prevents dull colors before being transferred and bright colors after that.

Materials to sublimate on

I’ve already mentioned that we should expect versatility and that’s what we get.

We get a heat transfer settings guide with temp and time for a bunch of substrates: textile applications, ceramic mug, ceramic plate, cap, phone case, mouse pad, glass, key chain.

Of course, you can try sublimating on anything that has the needed coating for the craft.

The HTVRont Sublimation Paper is compatible with all printers as long as we use sublimation dyes.

6. HTVRont Sublimation Paper, 30 Sheets

I wanted to review this particular product mainly because it offers something that we don’t frequently come across.

While it’s completely usual to come across products that will include 110, 150 or 200 sheets in a single package, it’s quite rare to come across brands that offer a small number of sheets in a single package.

HTVRont is the exception that actually offers 30 sheets, 120 gms.

That might be something that some crafters are interested in. For example, if you want to try another brand but you don’t want to spend more than $10 for getting the best sublimation paper, then this batch of 30 sheets can seem quite perfect.

It can also be a good choice for those who just want to experiment with some design on some particular objects but don’t have a big enough project to go through 100+ sheets of paper at the moment.

All in all, I think that this package of 30 sheets from HTVRont can be quite a nice deal.

There are still a few negative reviews to take into account. But a large majority of them are 5 stars positive reviews from people who have enjoyed how this product performs.

I’m not surprised. HTVRont is a good brand. I just prefer A-Sub more.


We get the same three sizes to choose from and the prices are cheap for all sizes since all packages come with 30 sheets: 8.5 x 11 inch, 8.5 x 14 inch, and 11 x 17 inch.

The 120 g paper weight is nice, it’s medium-weight, although there was a review from a buyer who mentioned that the paper is pretty thin, just a thickness above school paper. And transferring caused ghosting.

We get transfer instructions for a bunch of substrates: fiberglass, ceramic mugs, ceramic tiles, plaques, hard boards, glass, mouse pads, and textile applications.

It’s quite versatile.

Overall, I hope you’ll be able to find the best sublimation paper for your craft and designs and I wish you successful transfers each and every single time.